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Chiropractic – “Getting to the Root of Your Pain.”

Get Respect

Imagine being able to hand each new patient a copy of a book that you helped write. Would that immediately engender trust in you and your abilities? Absolutely.

Get Published

Planet Wellness is looking for just 8 to 10 Chiropractors who are seeking to raise their professional profile by becoming co-authors in a new book on the benefits to personal health and wellness of Chiropractic.

Not a writer? Not a problem!

We have a team of professional writers who will, with your advisement, develop engaging health and wellness topics intertwined with your professional mission and then write a 3000 word article with you as the author.

World-Wide Distribution

Your paperback book will be available at word-wide and you will be given 20 copies of the book (additional copies will be provided at wholesale rates.) and you will have an author profile page at with your bio and link back to your web site.

Yes, your book will also be available as an eBook that can be read on nearly every eBook reader on the market.

Like You, We’re Experts at What We Do

The Planet Wellness team has over 30 years of publishing, traditional marketing, online and social media marketing experience. We have 25 books published, operate over 20 media platforms and have over 250,000 combined social media followers and fans. We’re leveraging what we do to help grow your reputation and attract new customers

Timing Matters

Author placement in the book are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The faster you act the higher up on the cover your name will appear and you can choose your placement of your chapter in the book.

Express your interest and secure your spot complete the form below.
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